Crowns in a Day

Dr. Lavi's practice recently introduced a new one-appointment restoration solution into its office, eliminating the need for multiple appointments when placing crowns. Known as CS Solutions, this multi-product system changes the way Dr. Lavi performs restorations as well as improves patient care.

With CS Solutions, you: 
  • Eliminate having a second visit
  • Have no need for problematic temporaries
  • Have no need for a 2nd shot to numb the tooth

“With CS Solutions, we hope to raise the bar for patient cases by making restorations more convenient than ever before. Now, there is no need to place a temporary crown, only to ask patients to come back in again to complete the permanent
restoration.” - Dr. Lavi

Using a 3D imaging system, Dr. Lavi can scan a mold of his patient’s teeth to create an accurate 3D digital model that is later used to design a new crown.

Using an intraoral scanner, Dr. Lavi can capture 3D color images of the mouth without the need for uncomfortable dental impressions and wax bites.

After the scan, the information is sent to CS Restore software for design. Featuring advanced algorithms, this CAD restoration software allows Dr. Lavi to use the digital impression in order to create natural and functional single-tooth restorations quickly and easily.
Finally, Dr. Lavi uses the CS 3000 milling machine to fabricate the crown right in the office, so patients can have their crown the very same day. Because the unit can create a crown within 15 minutes, the need for temporary dental work is eliminated.
There is also the option to send the digital impression or crown design to the lab for design work and/or milling through an online portal, making information sharing fast and secure.
“The new generation of CAD/CAM [computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturing] technology is changing the way I practice dentistry. CS Solutions gives me the ability to expedite a process that traditionally required more time in the past, so I can ultimately pass on the benefits and time savings to my patients.” - Dr. Lavi