Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening in Echo Park-Glendale Implant Dentistry


One of the easiest ways to look years younger is to brighten discolored teeth to show off a brilliant, white smile! Everyone could use whiter teeth, as discoloring occurs frequently with aging, use of medication, smoking, or frequently drinking coffee, soda, and tea. Whiter teeth are Echo Park-Glendale Implant Dentistry's Dr. Sam Lavi's easy, immediately noticeable extreme cosmetic dentistry makeover solution!

Tooth whitening treatments with Dr. Lavi involve custom-fittings for a special whitening gel tray in just one visit, with subsequent gel treatments continuing at home until your teeth are as white and bright as you desire.

Brilliantly white teeth are not reserved for the rich and famous. You can be just as fabulous here in Echo Park-Glendale Implant Dentistry - just take a look at these images! Dr. Lavi would love to tell you more about the benefits of tooth whitening treatments, so contact Sam A. Lavi by calling (888) 683-1351 or completing the online form for a consultation today!

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